Siblings are our constant enemies but most times, they’re also the people who understand us like nobody else does. They know where we come from and hence love us for who we are – without any judgement. Families and their relationships aren’t perfect but having a sibling is like knowing that you’ve someone who’ll protect you, even if it means that they’ll lecture you after. 

Bollywood has given us some siblings who portrayed the flawed yet selfless bond, in its true form. 

And in these characters we got siblings that will always be goals:

1. Kiddo – Dear Zindagi 

Dear Zindagi was a lot about exploring relationships and learning from them as we go. While looking at different relationships, it also gave us Kiddo, Kaira’s brother. As the ‘wonder kid’ of the family, he realized how Kaira was often the misunderstood person among relatives. He doesn’t act like a ‘protective brother’ whose sister needs help, but instead stands up for her, while also understanding where she comes from.


2. Dina – Saathiya

Saathiya was a love-story, but it was more than just that, with a plot that was well-written and expressed. The film also portrayed a beautiful sibling bond between Dina and Suhani. Dina who portrayed Suhani’s sister, was also her constant cheerleader. She not only helped her make decisions in life but also stood by her while she acted on those – even if it meant getting married without their parents’ approval. Dina made her understand the need to follow what the heart desires. 


3. Isri Kaur – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The biographical sports drama film also gave us an insight into the bond of Milkha Singh and his older sister. Isri Kaur, played by Divya Dutta was not only someone who showed immense belief in him, but also his constant motivation. She raised Milkha Singh and sacrificed a lot – in wanting to give him a good life. Their relationship was selfless and the actors managed to portray that bond on-screen.

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4. Amit – Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na cannot not be an all-time favourite, and there’s an entire list of reasons for it. There’s no denying that Amit and Aditi’s relationship was one of them – even if it was mostly about the maar-pitai. Amit, who seems like he hates all of Aditi’s friends, specifically Jai actually only does so because he lost a friend in her. But when it comes to giving the correct advice or making Aditi realise how she feels about things, he steps up and gets real. Not only is he emotionally available for her, but also acts like a friend when she needs it the most.


5. Alia – Shaandaar 

While Shaandaar was a comedy, it didn’t shy away from showing some emotions or depth of relationships. Alia and Isha, who are step-sisters not only get along well unlike most Bollywood films, but also make sure to be there for each other. At several points in the films, Isha is fat-shamed by her family and even the guy she’s supposed to marry. And Alia keeps reminding her to not think of herself as ‘not good enough’ or any less, just because of the unrealistic standards set by the people around her. She makes her realize the need to love and accept herself. 

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6. Ayesha – Dil Dhadakne Do

Dil Dhadake Do was all about flawed and complicated families, but in-between all the drama, we also got a relatable sibling duo. Ayesha who’s not the favourite child out of the two, doesn’t let that affect her relationship with Kabir. She believes in him and guides him to do what he loves. Ayesha even reminds him to not force himself in a relationship just to please their parents – while always having his back.


7. Priya – 3 Idiots 

The film has important character arcs that includes following different relationships. Priya, the character portrayed by Kareena Kapoor Khan is also the kind of person who takes a stand. She not only tries to be there for her sister but also takes a stand for her late brother – even if it meant pointing out her father’s mistakes. Priya understands what her brother went through and empathises with the pressure that their father put on him.


8. Ishaan – The Sky Is Pink

The Sky Is Pink is a biographical drama, but the brother-sister relationship between Ishaan and Aisha is too pure. Knowing Aisha’s condition, Ishaan wasn’t only caring and concerned about things but he also made her feel less like a ‘patient’, something that we do unknowingly. He would keep his fears aside, without burdening Aisha with an added pressure. Their relationship was one of a kind.


9. Pinaki – Bumm Bumm Bole

The film portrayed pure innocence and left us with a lot of warmth. The story revolves around Pinaki and Rimzim, and the struggle of the sibling duo who are hiding a mistake from the parents. In doing so, Bumm Bumm Bole also gives us Pinaki who loves his sister immensely, so much so, that he’s heartbroken on winning the first prize in a competition because it isn’t what Rimzim wants. In Pinaki, we found a relatable brother, who loves his sister selflessly in all his innocence. 

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10. Khadija – Iqbal

This was another film that portrayed the relationship between siblings as something very innocent and pure. While Iqbal is constantly shot down for dreaming big, Khadija not only believes in him but also helps him try out for the academy run by Guruji. She motivates him to keep following his dreams and also helps him convince the coach to teach him how to bowl. Seeing her, we realize the need to have someone who always has our back.


Bollywood taught us, that we hate them but we cannot really live without them.