We’ve got plenty of great Punjabi films releasing every year, and if you’re a film buff, then these punjabi comedy movies that are ranked best on IMDb are a must watch! Scroll on and take a look. 

1. Carry on Jatta – 8.3

This Punjabi comedy movie is about a man who lies to the woman he’s in love with about being an orphan just so that he can marry her. But what follows are hilarious situations where he tries his hardest to hide the truth. You can watch this one on YouTube. 

2. Bambukat – 7.6

Bambukat is based on two sisters. While one is fair-skinned, the other is darker. You can catch this one on YouTube as well. 

 3. Nikka Zaildar 2- 7.5

This Punjabi comedy movie is a story about a man who falls for his nephew’s teacher but in the end, marries another woman. You can catch the film on YouTube. 

4. Sardar Mohammad – 7.5

Sardar Mohammad is a film set during the time of the India-Pakistan partition. It is about a man’s quest to find his biological parents, back in Pakistan. You can watch the film on YouTube. 

5. Jatt & Juliet – 7.5

Jatt & Juliet is a story based on two people who meet in Canada, and even though they’re very different from each other, the two fall in love. It is available to watch on Hotstar. 

6. Chal Mera Putt – 7.3

This Punjabi comedy movie follows three people who are working multiple jobs in United Kingdom and are trying their hardest not to get deported back to their country. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.  

7. Kala Shah Kala – 7.3 

Kala Shah Kala follows the story of a couple who is arranged to get married. But first, it shows the struggles of Lovely, who has been rejected by many women because of his dark complexion, but he ultimately finds his perfect match. The film is available to watch on Zee5. 

8. Jihne Mera Dil Luteya – 7.3

This Punjabi comedy movie is a romantic comedy. It depicts a love triangle between two college boys and a girl. As both try to win her heart over, she finally reveals who she has feelings for in the end. You can catch it on YouTube. 

9. Judge Singh LLB – 7.3

Judge Singh LLB revolves around a lawyer and the situations he encounters, regarding a corrupt judicial system. You can watch the film on Netflix. 

10. Mr. & Mrs. 420 – 7.2

The film revolves around a man’s journey to become an actor in order to impress the girl he’s in love with. It is available to watch on MX Player. 

Tell us which one you’ll be watching first in the comments.