As a child, you used to push away the spoon, turn your head the other way, close your mouth or even spit the food when your mother tried to feed you. You might have stopped doing these things but you are still annoyingly particular when about food. You constantly drive people up the wall!

If you’re one of those who want omelettes instead of scrambled eggs and a Veggie Supreme without the vegetables, you must have experience these at some point in your life:

1. You always try to enhance the taste of anything you eat. You NEED ketchup with everything.

2. If you like something in a specific manner, you ONLY want it that way. ” I want the onions sliced, not chopped.

3. You have offended many, many people who sweetly cooked for you by saying ” Khaana thanda ho gaya hai” or “Namak kam hai.

4. Your relatives always find excuses to avoid inviting you for a meal.

5. You know chai is not just chai . People have ruined your cup of tea by making it too sweet, too milky, too black, too watery, too tea-ish…

6. You pick out the best bits from things and leave the rest: kaaju from khatta-meetha mixture, aloo from bhel puri, toppings from pizza…

7. You don’t let your mother experiment in the kitchen.

8. Your mother tries to trick you into eating something by saying you liked it the last time.

9. Your friends don’t share food with you because you leave the things you don’t like on the plate for them.

10. Your parents and friends keep forcing you to introduce your taste buds to new things.

11. People tend to think you’re perpetually on a diet. ” Khaana kyun nahi khate? Diet par ho kya?

12. Sometimes they even go as far as “ Peit kharaab hai kya?

13. When you eat something new and like it, you feel guilty for being so choosy.

14. Your mother constantly asks your friends to convince you to eat more things.

Yaar! Yeh likhte likhte mera khaana thanda ho gaya. I can’t eat this now.