Take This Game Of Thrones Quiz & We'll Tell You A Sex Position To Try In Bed

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From its unforeseeable twists to its narrative complexity, Game of Thrones had a number of eye-catching characters and risqué sex scenes. 

If you are looking to spice up your sex life a little, then take this quiz and find out the position you should unquestionably try next time you are in bed with your partner. 


1. Pick a movie:

2. Your favourite quote from the show:

3. Pick a character from the show:

4. How you are in bed:

5. Pick your favourite house from the show:

6. Pick your least-favourite character from the show:

7. Pick a song:

8. What would you bring along with you on a trip to Westeros:

9. Pick your favourite on-screen couple from the show:

The result is coming!


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