There are a number of celebrity couples who look absolutely adorable together. While some of these couples tied the knot, others kept their relationships under wraps for a very long period of time. Nonetheless, we have been rooting for a lot of celebrity couples in the last few years.

However, there are only a handful of celebrity couples who never got into controversies with each other. These couples never had the rumours of getting separated or cheating on their spouses and one such couple is Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Chibber Khan. 

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Is it even possible to talk about love without mentioning the king of romance? Well, this couple, who stood the test of time and even the scrutiny of gossip columns, has been married for 31 long years now. But every single time we see them together, they give us some serious couple goals and make us yearn for something similar.


In fact, their love story was nothing short of a dream sequence. The iconic duo first met at a common friend’s party back in 1984, when he was only eighteen years old. He saw her dancing and instantly fell in love with her. Later, when he finally proposed to her, she declined and her parents didn’t like him either. However, she later said yes and as they, the rest is history.


In a post on her social media handle, she revealed how she had walked the ramp back in the day and her on-point husband was sitting and cheering for her in the audience.

Apart from that, she also mentioned how the superstar used to cook ghar ka khana for the entire family during the lockdown. In an interview, she revealed:

During this lockdown, we were initially scared to even order any food from outside. So, ‘ghar ka khana’ is made by Shah Rukh himself and we are enjoying it. He loves cooking and I enjoy eating.

In another interview, the popular producer and interior designer said that the couple shares their parental duties so that they can both pay equal attention to their work.

My kids, Aryan and Suhana, are quite sorted with their school and college. Little Abram takes time but Shah Rukh and myself, both have enough time for him so we share our duties as parents, which gives me enough time to be at work and do what I love and I’m passionate about. It’s going quite smoothly.

Also, let’s not forget that apart from being everyone’s favourite, they are also the most stylish couple. From award ceremonies and birthdays to wedding functions, the wardrobe and style of this couple are to die for. They complement each other in a fantastic way and their pictures are proof.


The couple, who never fails to shell some serious relationship goals, keep uplifting each other and it can be seen on their social media accounts. From goofy comments to promotional posts, this couple is totally inspiring.

It’s no secret that their love story has been a roller-coaster ride and they had to face a lot of ups and downs before they could tie the knot. Yet, they fought against all odds and proved that if you put the true efforts to make it work, it will work. 

Where can I sign up for a beautiful love story like Gauri & Shah Rukh Khan?