Take your monthly salary, divide it by the number of working hours in a month, then double, quadruple or octuple the amount you get, add crores after it and you might get close to how much Gautam Adani made every day.

According to reports, Gautam Adani, the second-richest person in the world, earned ₹1,612 Crores per day in 2021. On a side note, wanna know how much India’s second richest person, Mukesh Ambani, earned per day? ₹210 crores! Even Ambani is not coming close to Adani.

Self-pity aside, this makes me wonder what all we can do with Gautam Adani’s one-day salary.

1. Pay our rent for this lifetime and the next, and probably the one after that

gautam adani

2. Fill all the potholes in Bengaluru

gautam adani
Source: The Hans India

3. Buy over 8,00,000 iPhone 14 Pro Max

gautam adani
Source: ET

4. Built over 2 lakh houses for the poor

gautam adani
Source: ABC News

5. Buy over 20 crore 750ml bottles of Old Monk

gautam adani salary
Source: News 18

6. Open 8 IIMs or 2 IITs, covering their capital and recurring costs over a six-year period

gautam adani salary
Source: The Wire

7. Open another AIIMS in the country

gautam adani salary
Source: Business Today

8. Cover 1/10th of the total budget allocated to education sector in Delhi

gautam adani salary
Source: The Hindu

9. Build over 2 lakhs school sanitary complexes all over the country

gautam adani
Source: Suchitwa Mission

10. Can build 5 unauthorised Twin Towers and demolish all of them

gautam adani salary
Source: India Today

11. Build 2 Taj Mahals and still have some money left

gautam adani
Source: Britannica

12. Buy 3 IPL teams

gautam adani
Source: Deccan Herald

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