Ah, interns, or as the rest of the corporate world calls them, well, interns. We don’t bother knowing their names; makes it difficult to discard them at the end of their tenures. Speaking of interns, never let them near a social media account. They will F up. 

1. In the middle of a Twitter conversation with a passenger, US Airways tweeted a rather vile image. 

The customer was upset with the services and was tweeting about it when US Airways just tweeted this extremely disgusting photo. And to make matters worse, the tweet was only taken down after an hour of being posted. 

PC Mag

2. Following Carrie Fisher’s death, Cinnabon tweeted something that said, “RIP Carrie Fisher. You will always have the best buns in the galaxy.”

This was in extremely poor taste as it was a company piggybacking on someone’s death to sell products. Also, Fisher famously hated the hairstyle. 


3. A college football recruiting analyst in the USA was trying to write about a high school linebacker when he linked in the URL for Pornhub. 

Upon realising what he had done, he went ahead and deleted the tweet but not before Reddit had picked the bones out of it. 


4. Pepsi Sweden got into serious trouble after posting a series of images of Christiano Ronaldo’s voodoo doll in various painful positions. 

The Portuguese and other fans of the footballer fought back by creating a 100,000-strong anti-Pepsi group in a single day. Pepsi apologised soon after. 

Daily Mail

5. LG was throwing shade at Apple with a tweet saying that the iPhone would bend and break inside our pockets. However, in the comical of self burns, the tweet was made from an iPhone. 

Let’s be honest. Nobody expects you to own an LG phone. But at least tweet from a Samsung, man!


6. A Twitter campaign meant to highlight the NFL team’s one-millionth follower backfired spectacularly when the New England Patriots ended up tweeting the N-word. 

It’s the USA. So, they might just have been racist but in a civilised world, that world is frowned upon. It would appear that they were trying to tag someone. But I mean, come on. You can’t say that, no matter what, as Joe Rogan has recently found out.  

7. If you are an automobile company, it’s probably a good idea not to tell your customers that they can’t f***ing drive. Unfortunately, Chrysler did exactly that. 

But, I can totally see Elon Musk doing that once people get too pissed about self driving cars driving over living people. 

PC Mag

8. Coca-Cola tweeted out a cartoon of Russia to show just how much that country loved their beverages. However, they ended up using a pre-WWII map. 

For the uninitiated, this meant they missed out on adding a lot of lands that Russia ended up annexing during and after the war, which led to a lot of coke getting flushed down the toilet in Moscow. 


9. It was alleged that one of the employees on Spider-Man: No Way Home was behind the leaks that gave away the surprise of the multiverse. 

While certain characters were rumoured to return to the franchise, none of us was actually sure, courtesy of the boldfaced liar named Andrew Garfield. That was until leaked images from the movie revealed Garfield and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parkers and Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch. 


10. And then there was a poor soul who called Gehraiyaan a shit film from Dharma Movies Instagram account.

Poor chap, probably forgot to switch between their personal account and the one for work. Anyhow, doesn’t seem like they are gonna need the work account anymore. 

See, either you pay your interns, employees better or this shit will keep on happening. IDC, that you don’t understand how I reached this conclusion but this is the way.