Guy’s Girl (n) : A girl the guys who chills with the dudes and becomes ‘one of them’.

The boys forget the fact that you are a girl, and so do you. You may be the only girl in the gang but you’re no less than a bro. Hanging out with the dudes has its own advantages as well as side-effects. If you are the quintessential guy’s girl , you would know:

1. You are used to being called “bro” or “dude” by all your friends.

2. People who don’t know you think you’re a tomboy.

3. They also assume you’re into sports, bikes and all other guy things.

4. People presume you’re dating one of them/all of them.

5. When it comes to dirty jokes, you give them stiff competition.

6. The only time you wish you hung out with girls is when you need to shop for clothes.

7. You are their Love Guru, mother and Agony Aunt all rolled into one.

8. Whether you choose to use it or not, you know more swear words and abuses than the average girl

9. You’ve started thinking like a guy and stopped getting scandalized easily.

10. They are super-protective of you. Even your parents think of them as your bodyguards.

11. Your friends punch you and tease you like you’re a guy. They sometimes forget the fact that you are a girl and you might be having ‘girl problems.’

12. Your friends are not used to seeing you dressed up. When you do, they get all weird about it.

13. Burps and farts don’t faze you anymore. You’re immune to them.

14. They grill the guys you intend to date and vice versa.

15. Your boys will agree they couldn’t find a better wingman than you!

Who says ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte !