The Godfather was hailed across the world as one of the greatest film franchises to ever have been made. It still is a classic that truly will never get old. In fact, the story of the Corleone family is such perfection that we’ve all at one point or another dreamed of being half as gangster as Don Vito Corleone too.

In an effort to make ‘Corleone talk’ a more active part of our daily vernacular (as it should be, duh!), here are a few dialogues from the legendary The Godfather that you could use in your own gansta lives.

1. When you want to make your friend pay for dinner and know you’ve got some sick maal in your pocket.

2. When your dad tries to have a talk with you about your frequent late nights out.

3. When you’re asking your buddy to get intel on a guy you have a crush on.

4. When you discuss your open views on homosexuality with your mother and she’s worried about what would happen if Mrs. Chaddha heard your blasphemy.

5. When you run into your classmate from school and they can’t stop bragging about their slick new high-paying job.

6. When someone tries to pull your homie’s leg and succeeds massively.

7. The perfect excuse for being horrid to the resident class snitch.

8. When you were convinced you’d fail the exam but pass by 1.5 marks.

9. When you know bae’s lying but they continue to insist they didn’t eat the last Snickers bar.

10. When your buddy calls you out on saying shit about them.

11. The perfect compliment for your gang of lovable idiots.

12. When you’re feeling rich and decide to pay for drinks.

13. When you’re gearing up for a date and your friends be giving you the worst advice.

14. When you admit to having stolen that hilarious joke that everybody LOLed at, from the Internet.

15. When you’ve divided the leftover pizza equally but know your flatmate’s a backstabbing bitch.

16. When you want to tell your homies you’ve got their back and sound super-badass as you do it.

Go on then, you classy bastards. Nothin’ stopping you now from living the Don Corleone life.

Gangster designs by Utkarsh Tyagi