With all the companies fussing about employees’ moonlighting, here’s one CEO who himself is a moonlighter. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon is also an electronic-music DJ, who recently performed a high-profile set at Lollapalooza. And if you thought CEOs lead boring life, he will singlehandedly change your mind.

David Solomon is an investment banker who became the CEO of Goldman Sachs in 2018. Fun fact, Solomon applied for a two-year analyst position at Goldman Sachs after graduation but was rejected. So, from being rejected to becoming the CEO of the company, David Solomon is yet another source of inspiration for people.

He started DJing in 2015 and founded his own record label in 2018 – the same year Goldman named him chief executive. In a podcast last year, he said making music helped him relax – and despite some telling him it posed a risk for his banking career, he didn’t see a need to stop performing, reported BBC.

“I thought about it and I said, ‘I enjoy this, I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m not breaking any laws, I’m having fun. Why should I stop doing something I’m really enjoying?”

David Solomon
goldman sachs ceo david solomon

David Solomon also makes socially conscious music under the label Payback Records – an initiative with a great cause. The label helps fight America’s addiction epidemic by raising funds for organizations working on the frontlines of the crisis. All the proceeds from his gigs benefit these organizations in their noble cause.

Solomon has performed at nightclubs and music festivals around New York, Miami, and the Bahamas. He has over 50k followers on Instagram and serves as an inspiration for many to pursue their passion even after reaching the pinnacle of a traditional career.

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