Running a big conglomerate is not a cakewalk, and hence the top executives in the country earn more – way more than the median salary of employees. Here are some of the highest-paid executives in the country and how much they earned for running the show.

1. C Vijayakumar | ₹130 Crores

C Vijayakumar is the CEO of HCL Technologies. He is the highest-paid CEO in India with a remuneration of ₹130 crores. He received ₹123 crores in 2021, which included $2 million as base salary, $2 million in variable pay, $0.02 million as perquisites and other benefits and a $12.50 million Long-term incentive.

HCL Technologies

2. Salil Parekh | 80 Crores

Salil Parekh is the CEO of Infosys. In the financial year 2020-21, he received a remuneration of ₹71 lakhs which increased to around ₹80 crores upon the extension of his term for five more years. His ₹71 crores remuneration included ₹5.69 crores base salary, ₹0.38 crore retiral benefits, ₹12.62 crores bonus and incentives, and ₹52.33 crores in perquisites on account of stock options exercised.

highest-paid executives in India

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3. C P Gurnani – ₹63 Crores

C P Gurnani, the CEO and Managing Director of Tech Mahindra, also tops the list of the highest-paid executives in the country. He received a remuneration of ₹63.4 crores during 2021-22, which included salary, stock compensation benefits and post-employment benefits for the one-year period.

highest-paid executives in India

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4. S N Subrahmanyan – ₹61 Crores

The CEO and Managing Director of Larsen & Toubro India, S N Subrahmanyan, received a salary of ₹61.27 crores in the Financial Year 2022, a near 115 per cent hike over the Financial Year 2021.

highest-paid executives in India

5. Rajesh Gopinathan – ₹25.75 Crores

TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan received 25.75 crores as remuneration for the year 2021-22, according to the company’s annual financial report. This included a base salary of ₹1.51 crores, benefits, perquisites and allowances worth ₹2.25 crores, and a commission of ₹22 crores.

highest-paid executives in India
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6. Sanjiv Mehta – ₹22 Crores

Sanjiv Mehta is the Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever Limited. He earned a remuneration of ₹22 crores in the previous year, which included a base salary of ₹3.7 crores, allowances worth ₹9.2 crores, a bonus of ₹4.3 crores, and perquisites and long-term incentives worth ₹4.2 crores.

highest-paid executives in India
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7. Suresh Narayanan – ₹18.8 Crores

Suresh Narayanan is the Chairman and Managing Director of Nestle India. He was the highest-paid FMCG CEO in 2020 and saw a jump of 9% in his pay package for the year 2021. He received ₹18.8 crores as remuneration which included ₹9.24 crore salary and allowance, ₹5.9 crore perquisites, and ₹3.37 lakh towards PF contribution. He also received ₹3.32 crore as commission and performance-linked incentive.

highest-paid executives in India

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