If at any point of your life, you`ve been an ardent watcher of daily soaps then you’d be privy to how the prerequisite of being sanskaari is being bechari. Yes, we are looking at you Gopi bahu. 

It’s 2022 and if you think that Gopi bahu would still be washing laptops, serving Ahem ji his green tea even while being in coma and worshipping her kohl-rimmed saasu maa Kokila ben then let me introduce you to a cultural reset you aren’t ready for. 

In this revamped avatar of the show apparently called Tera Mera Saath Rahe, Gopi bahu is now Gopika and she ain’t buying anyone’s shit anymore. 

Gopi, who was a certified sanskaari bahu is done with offering ‘free ka pyaar’ to everyone and now demands a ‘payment’ that’s been long overdue. 

It’s no less than a wild revolution in the world of daily soaps and the savage Gopi has almost traumatised Kokila and Ahem. You can see it yourself. 

Twitter is as appalled as them and making a lot of noise!

She took a decade, woke up one day and chose violence.