If there is anything we all know about celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay it’s that he’s a little rough on the edges but has the kindest heart ever. Cause, hello? Have you seen him with kids and the elderly? 


And then there are those rare, but glorious moments when he ends up liking someone’s cooking. Which is exactly what happened during an episode of MasterChef Season 10 when he enjoyed tasting New York based Subha Ramiah’s Cajun Jambalaya


In fact, Gordon Ramsay ended up liking the meal so much that he called Ramiah’s mother in to judge it as well. And what was even more adorable was how the MasterChef judge kept referring to Subha’s mother as ‘mum.’

You can watch the entire clip here.

Number one, his mother’s confidence in him was so beautiful, and number two, why is Gordon Ramsay so cool?