Episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 8 just premiered and it was the devastating battle everyone thought it would be.

Caution: This post is dark and full of spoilers.


We lost many heroes.

E Online

But Arya cemented her place as GoT’s chief of badassery.

And while the episode was all in well received, everyone had one complaint.


Why was it so freaking dark?

I mean, yes this was supposed to be a ‘dark’ show, but this is just ridiculous.

Can confirm. Was adjusting brightness every few minutes.

Which also meant that this was all of us watching today’s episode.

Of course someone cracked a dark DC universe joke.

But mainly, it was just a lot of heavy squinting.

Yes. It was so dark you couldn’t tell if a friggin’ dragon died or not.

That shit was thankfully cleared up by next episode’s preview.

And also, Melisandre had our back.

A word of advice GoT. Maybe, lighten up a little?