Very few films are as hotly anticipated as Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie, which is set to provide a radical, revisionist approach to the origin story behind the beloved Mattel toy. The first look at Margot Robbie in the titular role was released last month, and you guessed it, it was a hot pink, open-top Corvette, gloriously kitschy fashion extravaganza. Soon after, we got our first glimpse at her co-star, Ryan Gosling, as Ken doll.


But fuck Hollywood and fuck Ryan Gosling. Both need to take a step back because Bollywood did kitschy before kitschy was considered “indie” and “cool.” And the pioneer of the style? India’s very own Indian Ken doll, Govinda. Yo Greta Gerwig, how about you guys give credit where credit is due and cast Govinda instead. 

Here’s proof that Govinda was a desi Ken doll (way, way before the Ken doll was even a thing):

1. You want hot pink Hollywood? No one can pull off hot pink better than Govinda.


2. Leather on leather with added gold action? Watch your panties ladies, cause they’re about to drop. 


3. Govinda practically invented the Chad dudebro aesthetic. 


4. Look at the synchronization! Could your boyfriend pull this off?

5. I’d like to see Ryan Gosling look this good in boxers.

6. Ek hi toh dil hain, kitni baar loge?

7. Y2K king.

8. Only Govinda can turn tin foil into fashion.

9. Oof! All this panache is designed to make you weak on your knees.

10. Govinda: Pioneer of the funky prints movement in Bollywood.

11. No one pulls off denim on denim quite like Govinda. 

12. Elvis reincarnate (sorry drifting off-topic, but had to!).

13. Still don’t think he should be Ken? Explain this then. No man has ever pulled off a unitard better.

Govinda was born to play Ken. Plus Margot Robbie and Govinda would be the sexiest pairing in the history of cinema. Make it happen!