If you couldn’t wait for Game Of Thrones in April, I’m stepping in to tell you to brace yourselves boys and girls, television just got sexciting. The new BBC show, ‘Versailles’, about the life of King Louis the XIV is historic drama, strategic manipulation, and a royal production scale. However the show has upset the cart in both Britain and France and gotten the two countries to agree, well almost, with each other for a change. 

French critics are unhappy that the show has been dumbed down.

They pointed out the lack of historical accuracy, as the producers have chosen to spend on lavish sets, costumes and the look of the show instead. The other complaint is that the show is in English and the protagonist is played by British actor, George Blagden

But for the ‘stiff’ Englishman, the show is being judged for its moral science. 

More people share Conservative MP, Andrew Bridgen’s sentiment, “There are channels where, if you wish to view this sort of material, you would have to pay for it. BBC viewers don’t have a choice. They have to pay for it whether they approve or not.”

“Dressing up pornography and violence in a cravat and tights doesn’t make it cultural.”

report quoted Mediawatch UK’s Sam Burnett. The show has quite a few, rather explicit sex scenes, and the plot also ‘features gay sex, a cross-dressing prince, and a queen with a penchant for dwarves.

The French however, are delighted at Britains’ moral outrage

Le HuffPost called it “a porno for conservative Brits” and in a mocking report by Le Figaro, they said, “It’s a porno broadcast in prime time. Oh my!” 

But we live in India, so this article could be considered pornography. And you’re wondering what happens next? The End.

I’m going to put you out of your misery. Here’s the trailer until the release.