Ever since the trailer for Season 2 of Never Have I Ever released, I’ve watched it a few hundred times in order to get a better understanding of Devi’s love life. 

Because, of course, I have nothing to look forward to, romantically or otherwise, in my future. Anyway, the constant re-watching is how I stumbled upon the Hindi-language trailer of the show. 

And found this gem of a translation. 

The dialogue in English: 

And the Hindi translation: 

As far translations go, it’s definitely not accurate, because what exactly can Devi “not control”. Then again is it even a Hindi translation if a euphemism is not used for “unsanskaari” words like horny. 

*I googled the literal translation, and horny is “seeng ka bana hua”, so maybe I don’t have a lot to complain of here?*

I mean, credit where credit is due, at least words like sex, boyfriends, etc. remain intact. But, the teenage lingo we’re so used to definitely gets toned down.  

And this happened in Season 1 too.

Where the dialogue in English was this: 

And the teenage lingo, like, “I am about to get railed”, turned into this in Hindi:  

Well, wild translations or not, I still can’t wait to binge-watch my way through the second season! And in case you’re so inclined, here’s the trailer in Hindi: 


All images are screenshots from the trailer on YouTube.