These are some pretty messed up times we’re living in, and it can get pretty overwhelming if you start to dwell on it too much. With all that’s going on, sometimes you just have to switch off your synapses and totally lose yourself in something else – like a TV show that you’d never admit watching to your friends, but which you totally dig. Like these!

1. Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

I have a feeling Netflix put the first 2 seasons of this show on Netflix for a reason during lockdown – to get people hooked. Is it trashy and staged to the teeth? Yup. Is it impossible to stop watching once you start? That’s a resounding yes. Just don’t tell anybody I told you.

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2. Castle

This is as basic cable TV as it gets, and while it may not be cool to tell people you’re watching this show in 2020, the fact is it passes the time and takes your mind off things. Richard Castle is very charismatic, and the plots, while sometimes thin, are still entertaining.

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3. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Let’s face it, basically all reality shows are guilty pleasures, some just admit it more readily than others. This show delves into the spa and diamond-filled lives of uber rich housewives in Beverly Hills, and the drama that arises from having too much free time. 


4. Once Upon A Time

This fantasy adventure drama draws upon famous fairy tales, and combines them with a character from the modern day, namely a woman named Emma. She ends up in a town where anything can happen, and it’s true – kuchh bhi ho jata hai. But you can keep watching it, so… enjoy?


5. Riverdale

This dark retelling of the characters from Archie is done in a teen style format. And you know teen dramas hook you in whether you want them to or not. The mysteries in this show are actually pretty intriguing, and the gaps are filled in with mindless relationship drivel – the perfect show.


6. Too Hot To Handle

A reality show where a bunch of extremely attractive people are dumped on a paradisiacal island to drink, flirt and party, but there’s one catch – they lose prize money every time they indulge in a sexual activity. Basically it’s a glorified celibacy challenge, which many of us are anyway forced to do because of lockdown. The show is trashy, but hey, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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7. Love Is Blind

A group of single people speak to each other from separate rooms, trying to see if they connect without actually seeing each other. In fact, they even have to propose without looking at their partners, in a means to determine if love goes deeper than physical attraction. Another reality show because you can never have enough.


8. Gossip Girl

There’s a reason this show got so popular – it’s got more drama, explosive revelations, and general madness than any Mexican telenovela. Follow all the teen drama that Blair and her not so merry fellow students go through in school. You can hate yourself later.


9. True Blood

This fantasy horror drama is about a woman with special abilities, and how her life changes after the vampires hiding in her town reveal their existence. There’s all kinds of strange situations, graveside sex, and general drama – it basically ticks all the guilty pleasure boxes. 

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10. Grimm

Inspired by the universally known fairy tales of the Grimm brothers, this show follows a detective who comes to learn that he is in charge of keeping monsters at bay – literally. He’s descended from a long line of ‘huntsmen’, and he maintains the balance of humanity and mythological creatures.

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It’s okay, no one will know you watched these. Your secret’s safe with me.