James Michael Tyler, the man who made all of us laugh by playing Gunther on FRIENDS for 10 seasons, passed away earlier today after a long battle with cancer. While we mourn his loss it also seems like a good time to look back at some of the more brilliant moments his character had!


Oh, and to add a little twist, we tried to compile scenes where he doesn’t even need to speak to make us ROFL!

1. When Gunther straight up refused to serve men interested in Rachel.


2. When Joey asks Ross to punch him because he had just proposed to Rachel, so Ross does, he misses and smashes his own arm, you can see Gunther smiling at him, cheek to cheek. 

3. That time Gunther everybody’s playing spin the bottle and Gunther thinks Rachel is going to kiss him. 

Poor Gunther!

4. Gunther tries to escape Monica’s party but is scared of being yelled at by her. 

5. That time Rachel said she didn’t have anyone to hug and Gunther came running. 

6. That time he kissed Phoebe to cure her sore throat. 


7. When Mrs Geller thinks everybody loves Central Perk due to the hot blonde who works there- Gunther. 

8. Ross and Rachel are acting all cute when Gunther pops in with his inner monologue. 

The Odyssey online

9. Gunther’s inner monologue is heard again when he asks Rachel if she should go to the movies with him sometime… as his “lover!”


10. That time Gunther hears Rachel talking about saying no to a guy and approaches to ask her out, only to chicken out in the end. 


Gunther was a gem of a man, the true hero, if you ask me.