It’s very easy to dismiss it as just another tharki trailer. It’s easy to just take one look at it and dismiss it as a cheap desi remake of Indecent Proposal and move on. It’s easy to call this trailer a collection a mindless steamy scenes, bad dialogue and worse acting.

So, the trailer for Hate Story 3 just released.

Which is why we won’t go there.

Instead, we watched this trailer again and again (“for research”) to catch the blink-and-you-miss nuances, which make it the brilliance it actually is.

Your intellect might compel you to ask questions such as “why are there so many white sheets during the sex scenes?”

For they are not mere mortals like you and me, but belong to a whole other league of their own.

The world is their oyster.

And right when you think this movie is sexist, and they’re treating the woman like an object…

Seriously, there’s some real depth in every frame.

And all of you who’re asking what the hell a talented actor like Sharman Joshi is doing in this film, let me ask you this – do you have any idea what rent in Mumbai is like? A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, okay?