HBO has a knack for keeping us subscribed to the channel/streaming service. For a better part of the last decade, we had Game of Thrones to keep us coming back every year. 


After the show ended earlier this year, terribly some might say, one might have thought that we were done with HBO. I mean, you could always watch John Oliver on YouTube. 


But then it came up with Chernobyl, a dramatised version of the events of the nuclear disaster that took place in the town of Priyapat, Russia on the 26th of April, 1986 and its aftermath. 

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Now, HBO has come up with its own adaptation of the Watchmen comics, set in the backdrop of the racist politics of modern-day USA. 


Although the show is set in 2019, the opening 10 minutes show the Tulsa race riots of 1921. The said act of violence was committed on the city’s ‘Black Wall Street’ by white citizens. 

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Dozens of black people were murdered and more were wounded as black properties in the area were razed to the ground. Mind you, the massacre was so severe that the total number of casualties is still unknown. 


It is widely considered one of the most shocking acts of racial violence in American history, and it’s core to whatWatchmen is saying about America today.

I believe this is all the spoilers you need. So I will stop here. While only 2 episodes have been released, the show has already been making a lot of noise; noise we ought to hear. 


Now, you are a fan of the film, this show has nothing against you, but it will make you realise the fragility of the morality of the world we think we know and probably also take a giant dump on Rorschach. But in time, you will realise that it was right to do so. 


BTW, you don’t have to take my word for how good the show really is. Just ask Twitter. 

You can catch the show on Hotstar Premium. Make sure you do because it’s so damn awesome!