After what felt like forever, Amazon Prime Video's Mirzapur finally dropped the trailer for season 2. And while we were only expecting a revenge drama, it looks like the game for controlling Mirzapur has gotten far more deadly. 

Because there appears to be a host of new players 'gunning' to control Mirzapur and more. So, here's a look at all the new players: 

1. Rati Shankar's widow

Actor Meghna Malik has joined the cast as the widow of Rati Shankar. As loyal fans would remember, Rati Shankar was Kaleen Bhaiya's rival, who was shot in the middle of the road, literally, by Bablu and Guddu. 

The end of season 1 showed us a glimpse of Rati Shankar's son, Sharad (played by Anjum Sharma) getting ready to perform his father's last rites. But that's not all he prepared for. He is clearly set to exact revenge for his father's murder, and his mother seems to be the one helping him on this path. 

2. The Chief Minister

If you thought politics is entering Mirzapur in the second season alone, you've clearly forgotten the role J.P. Yadav played in the first season. However, there now appears to be a bigger political fish in the Mirzapur pond, as Paritosh Sand joins the cast to play the Chief Minister. 

He appears to be the Tripathis' new political patron, but whether crossing Yadav will benefit them or not, only time will tell.

3. Dadda Tyagi

Veteran actor M. M. Faruqui, better known by his stage name Lilliput, joins season 2 as Dadda Tyagi - a local goon turned 'benefactor' whose very name seemingly instills both, fear and respect in the hearts of people. 

But, whether he will help Kaleen Bhaiya, or stand as his foe, remains a mystery.

4. Dadda Tyagi's grandson

While his name has not yet been specified, it seems fair to assume that Vijay Varma will be playing Dadda Tyagi's grandson in the show. It looks like he is one part of an unexpected alliance, that also includes Munna Bhaiya and Sharad Sharma. 

Now, former enemies getting together for a common cause is nothing new, but this particular alliance certainly spells nothing good for Bablu and Sweety. 

Actors Isha Talwar and Priyanshu Painyuli will also be a part of the show in its second season, but not much is known about their characters to date.

Season 2 premiers on October 23. All images are screenshots from the trailer.