Suriya’s latest film Jai Bhim makes for a brilliant watch. The movie based on the real-life case of a tribal man’s custodial death in Tamil Nadu delves deeper into the caste-based violence and discrimination in Indian villages.

Rajakannu, the daily wage labourer belonging to the Irular tribe was falsely framed in a theft case and died in police custody. He was tortured to death and Parvathy, his wife, lived to tell the horrifying tale.

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Jai Bhim shows how Parvathy, played by actor Lijomol Jose, did everything she could to find her husband. She approached advocate Chandru, who filed a Habeas Corpus petition, thus commencing her legal fight for justice.

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Towards the end of the movie, we see that the court ordered the state government to give compensation to Rajakannu’s family and a piece of land in the centre of the village. 

But do you know what really happened? Where is Parvathy living currently?


She lives in a small rented hut in a remote area in Chennai that’s almost always flooded. There are no toilets and residents of their tribe walk for around 1 km daily to use the government toilets.

Galatta Tamil, a local news channel, reached out to Parvathy Amma recently and revealed the inhumane living conditions she and her family are living in.

The streets are so narrow that only one person can pass through at a time. Parvathy has been living here for almost 25 years. They do not have a proper kitchen and are forced to cook food outside come rain or not.

Her grandson also spoke to Galatta Tamil and told them that their landlord dumps cow dung all around the area and therefore it’s always a stinking dumpyard.

Parvathy has talked about the entire incident in detail with another local channel Puthiyathalaimurai TV and shared the horrifying things that happened with her husband while he was in police custody.

Upset by the plight of Parvathy, actor, director and choreographer Raghava Lawrence has promised that he will build a house for her.

I was greatly affected when I found out about the life of Parvathi Amma, the wife of Rajakannu, who was tortured and killed for a crime he did not commit.

Parvathy and her family of 5 do not expect much from the government or anyone else, they apparently just want a pucca house to live in.