Disney+ Hotstar’s latest spy saga Special OPS 1.5 served us with realistic thriller and no over-the-top drama. This prequal was fueled with solid performances of all the actors involved. 

Although Kay Kay Menon, once again, gracefully stole the show, what really intrigued us was the return of Aftab Shivdasani! We saw him playing Himmat Singh’s (Kay Kay Menon) agent partner Vijay Kumar and he absolutely nailed it. His role was genuine and not too dramatic, as it had been in past Bollywood films we saw him in. 

It begins with two best friends Vijay and Himmat meeting years after college only to work together as spies. Setting some major BFF goals and how!

Aftab plays a brilliant R&AW agent at work who is also a perfect happy-go-lucky husband at home. We see his character mastering the art of work-life balance unlike many undercover cops we’ve seen on screen.

One particular scene which made a room in our hearts was the one where he had a last phone call with his wife cluing us in that we are near the beginning of the end. His smile was innocent yet heart-wrenching especially ‘coz we anticipated what was coming next!

Especially poignant was the last scene where he said a lot with his eyes and bid farewell to his best friend. Himmat’s life would be at stake if it wasn’t for him. In this almost dramatic sequence, he didn’t overdo his expressions and subtly conveyed the right emotion at the right time. 

Vijay was indeed one of the most promising roles of Aftab’s career. It was refreshing to see him in the action sequences playing the humble yet solid cop. 

Aftab is one of those actors who have slipped under the radar in mainstream Bollywood movies but have made a name for themselves on the OTT platforms with their mind-blowing performances.

We’re so glad to witness Aftab Shivdasani’s comeback on screen and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future!
All screenshots are taken from Disney+ Hotstar unless mentioned otherwise.