We have stepped into the new year and many titillating things are pending that you should try with your boo. So if you are up for a wild 2023, here are some oh-so-hot things you should try in and outside the bedroom with your partner. Because all these naughty experiences will only make your year better and give you some wild memories for life!

Here’s your sex bucket list for the next 12 months that has all things spicier and adventurous!

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January: Keep Things Warm & Wild

The year has just begun and this is the best time to unleash some of your wildest desires. Choose how you would like the first sex of the year to be. Try new toys, new positions, new places and do something you never tried.

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February: Don’t take a break!

Keep up with your wild routine for the entire month! Yup a session every day/all 28 days sounds fun, right? You could introduce new kinks each day like- blindfolds, lap dances, handcuffs, etc.

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March: Learn to massage

What better way to up the foreplay game? Learning how to massage your partner is the way to get intimate with them and ease their body with your touch. You can always check up with them about how they feel about it and achieve perfection

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April: Film yourself

You’d be lying if you say this kink didn’t cross your wild brain. After taking mutual consent from your partner, you could delve into this hot activity and watch the show later!

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May: Try all weird condom flavours

Ever heard of a dragon fruit condom or butter chicken flavour, ugh yeah? If you’re up for this wild adventure, just go for it because who doesn’t like to hear such crazy stories in bed, after all?

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June: Ever heard of edible lingerie?

It’s time you sweeten things up in the bedroom and let the session taste sweeter. This is the best way to introduce food and look like a complete snack! Ifykyk.

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July: Switch to loud moaning

Adding a little moaning and screaming during the sesh will give you a rhythm to follow. It’s also a way to lose all inhibitions and get comfortable with your partner. And you never know these little noises may turn you on and give you orgasms.

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August: Take things outside the bedroom

If you’re looking for some wild session, forget where you are! Finger her in public. Turn things hard for him and give him a hand job in public. Find a nice isolated place and stay safe.

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September: Invent a new position

There’s way right way to have sex and you get better with experience. Now that you have explored so much over the months, invent your oh-so-amazing position.

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October: Hit the shower

How else do you beat the scorching heat? You grab your boo and hit the shower. It’s the most intimate experience you’ll ever have.

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November: Buy a board game

A game night can heat things inside the bedroom and you get to decide what happens to the loser. Grab your hands on some naughty games.

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December: Get drunk

Drunk sex is best if done right. Take things slowly the whole night and keep a sex song playlist ready. End the year with a lot of such fun moments and more orgasms!

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While this list doesn’t end up here because you know there’s a lot more to discover. Here’s to a spicy new year!

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