As we all know Shahrukh Khan starrer Jawan is all set to hit the theatres this week. And the movie’s trailer had pretty much taken the Indian audience by storm when it came out. Of course there’s good reason behind it, the cast is stellar, and from what we can make of the performances from the trailer, the film seems like it’s going to be a banger. Which is why when Japanese video game designer Hideo Kojima posted an image of SRK from Jawan, desis simply couldn’t hold back not their excitement.

Kojima, Shahrukh Khan
Credit: NME

Kojima has designed popular games Metal Gear, Death Stranding and Snatcher. He is considered and seen as a pioneer in the field of stealth and action genres of video games.

And this is not the first time he has praised an SRK film, just FYI. The video game designer has also previously tweeted about Pathaan.

And now he has tweeted about Jawan. In this tweet he’s written “King was born in 1965!!”

And here’s how desis have responded to this tweet by Kojima:

King Khan is global, folks.