No two things go together better that a nice high and great music. It’s all kinds of fun to get high with your buds, but without the right tunes, it always feels like something’s kind of missing. That happy buzz caressing your mind goes perfectly with a chill tune at the end of daylight, or some hip-hop at the start of a great night, which is why I’ve compiled a little playlist for you while you’re on your way to cloud nine.

Tune in!

1.Gooey (Glass Animals)

2. Warm Sound (Zero 7)

3.Oopar Renn De ( Tanishk/Vayu)

4. Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz)

5. Look Up The Sky Is Beautiful (Sachiko Kanenobu)

6. Breezeblocks (Alt-J)

7. Flight (Hidden Orchestra)

8. You And Your Heart (Jack Johnson)

9. Burn Out (The Cinematic Orchestra)

10. Nightlite (Bonobo)

11. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

12. Rider On The Storm (The Doors)

13. The Wind Cries Mary  (Jimi Hendrix)

14. Piece Of My Heart (Janis Joplin)

15. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)

16. Smoke Weed Everyday (Snoop Dogg)

17. Still Blazin (Wiz Khalifa)

18. Ganja Gun (Bob Marley)

19. Ganja Babe (Michael Franti)

20.Because I Got High (Afroman)

21. Dive (Tycho)

22. Babaji Ki Booty

23. Cocoa Butter Kisses (Chance The Rapper)

24. Sing Sang Sung (Air)

25. Going Up The Country (Canned Heat)

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