Amidst the series of extended lockdown, as we all are trying to adjust to the new normal, Home Stories, Netflix’s quarantine special just made its debut on YouTube yesterday. 

And we have to say, the four short stories of how people are fighting their own battles during the pandemic and bonding over a shared ray of hope will comfort your lockdown anxiety. 


Living in the land of big fat Indian weddings, the current situation has forced a lot of couples to either postpone their wedding plans, host virtual weddings or organise intimate ceremonies

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Inspired by such couples, ‘Web Ne Bana Di Jodhi’ perfectly captures the heartwarming journey of a desi couple who’s trying to convince their family for having a virtual big fat Indian wedding during the lockdown. 

This short story opens with the bride-to-be’s fun-filled haldi. And just like any other haldi pomp, there’s dance, music and lots of booze, the only difference is, it’s a virtual ceremony. 

But somewhere between poor connections and overlapping conversations the father of the bride loses his patience and furiously calls his daughter.

Just like any other desi dad, he wants to organise a big fat Indian wedding for his daughter but the practical bride-to-be always wanted to have a court marriage. Deeply heartbroken by the current situation, the father accuses her of using the lockdown as an excuse for saving money.  

In fact, he tries his best to convince her to postpone the wedding instead of having a virtual one. He gets so upset that his dream of getting his daughter married in a pompous ceremony was shattered that he decides to be a rebel and not attend the virtual wedding altogether. 

And he doesn’t budge from his decision even when his son-in-law tries to explain to him how tying the knot is what makes a difference and not having a big fat Indian wedding.

It is only when the couple decides to go ahead with their sangeet and the bride gives a very heartfelt toast to her father, thanking him for supporting her at every step of the way, that the father-of-the-bride realises that he can’t possibly miss his daughter’s virtual wedding.

And in that moment he chooses his daughter’s happiness and understood what’s important to her instead of succumbing to the societal pressure of having a big fat Indian wedding. 

In fact, this heartwarming short story has normalised the concept of hosting virtual weddings during these times in a country that is obsessed with big fat weddings. They might have also inspired a lot of millennials and their parents who are planning to shift their lockdown wedding. 

You can watch the entire short film here: 

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