You know what’s scarier than a horror movie based on a real story? Horror movies that were ‘actually’ cursed. Mind you, I am being very liberal with the world ‘actually’ here but for the sake of the story, let’s assume they were cursed!

1. The Exorcist

There was a terrible incident on the set of the film; a fire that had burned through the set in 1973, destroying even the interiors, except the MacNeil family bed, and the room of the possessed Regan. It remained untouched by fire!

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2. The Omen

Every possible bad thing that could have happened to the cast and crew of this film, happened! Actor Gregory Peck was on a plane that was struck by lightning and the stuntman standing in for Peck,  was actually attacked by Rottweilers that bit through the protective gear he was wearing.

Most tragically though, special effects director John Richardson and his assistant, Liz Moore, were involved in a serious car accident where Moore was decapitated which mirrored one of The Omen‘s most disturbing scenes.


3. The Ring Two

Remember how Samara died in The Ring? All that water everywhere! Yeah, well, the entire set of The Ring Two got completely flooded after that!


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4. Insidious

Numerous members of the cast and crew complained about not feeling too well after setting foot on set. There were also claims that a buzzer from an unoccupied floor of the building would regularly go off! They never found out why. 

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5. The Possession

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan said that odd occurrences plagued the set throughout the film with light bulbs exploding and cold breezes following them around. The possessed box from the film was also burnt to ashes in a storage facility fire. 

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6. The Conjuring

Vera Farmiga, who played Lorraine Warren, left the script outside her house. However, one morning she woke up to find three slashes on her laptop screen. The creepiest thing happened when the family on whom the film is based, visited the set. The crew claimed that a gust of wind followed them wherever they went.


7. Annabelle

The film’s director, John R Leonetti, claimed to have seen ‘three fingers drawn through dust’ on set. Why is that creepy? Well, the doll at the heart of the film has three fingers!

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8. The Nun

Turns out, all of The Conjuring’s spin-offs have been cursed! Corin Hardy, the director, says he saw two men in a room at a castle in Romania during the shooting. However, when he turned to the men they were gone. Here’s the scary part – they would have had to pass him to leave the room.

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9. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Lead actor Jennifer Carpenter says she was haunted by a ghost! She told reporters that while she was working on the film, the radio would turn on by itself whenever she got home!


10. Poltergeist

Actor Oliver Robbins claimed he nearly died after being ‘choked by the arms of the evil puppet’ from the film. A few years after the film was released, another actor from the film, Heather O’Rourke, died from cardiac arrest and septic shock!


Now, this inevitably will make you question if any of this is really true. But think, what if it were true? All of it!

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