Halloween is just around the corner and so are the spooky nights. If you love disturbing and horrifying content, here are some shows that you simply stream on Netflix right away. Enjoy!

1. The Haunting Of Hill House 

The plotline of this supernatural horror drama alternates between two different timelines, past and present, where five adult siblings confront haunting memories of their old home and frightening events that drove them away from it. 

2. The Walking Dead 

This post-apocalyptic horror series revolves around the survivors of a zombie apocalypse who are trying to escape death from the constant zombie attacks. 

3. The Haunting Hour: The Series 

Based on RL Stine’s The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It and his anthologies The Haunting Hour and Nightmare Hour, this anthology horror-fantasy series focuses on life-sized dolls, carnival clowns and werewolves who stalk children. 

4. Van Helsing 

Inspired by Zenescope Entertainment’s Helsing, this fantasy horror drama television series revolves around a relative of a famous vampire hunter who finds that vampires have taken control across the world. 


5. Death Note – The Anime 

This 37-episode manga series centres on a teenager who discovers a mysterious notebook that grants the reader the supernatural ability to kill anyone through it.  

6. Scream: The TV Series 

Based on Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven’s series under the same title, this anthology series revolves around a group of teenagers who are targeted by a masked serial killer. 

7. Ghoul 

Set in a dystopian future, this horror miniseries centres on an interrogation of a dangerous terrorist in a secret government camp which leads to some horrifying and supernatural events. 

8. Kingdom 

Adapted from Kim Eun-Hee’s webcomic series The Kingdom Of The Gods, this political period horror thriller revolves around a crowned prince who investigates the source of a mysterious plague that entered his country.  

9. Sweet Home 

Based on Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-Chan’s webtoon under the same title, this apocalyptic horror series centres on a loner high school student who fights against all odds and save the human race from monsters. 

10. Goedam 

This eight-part horror anthology series has a completed plot in each episode. With eight different plotlines in each episode, this show is a must-watch. 

11. Trese 

Based on Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo’s comic series under the same title, this anime series revolves around mythical creatures hiding amongst humans and are at loggerheads with criminal supernatural beings. 

12. Strangers From Hell

Based on Kim Yong-Ki’s webtoon series under the same title, this television series revolves around a young crime fiction writer who experiences unpleasant events after moving into an apartment building with shady neighbours. 

13. The Promised Neverland 

Adapted from Kaiu Shirai’s manga series Introduction and Jailbreak, this anime television series centres on three gifted kids at an isolated orphanage who plan a risky escape plan after knowing the secret purpose they were born for. 

14. Betaal 

This zombie horror streaming television series revolves around a remote village that becomes the battleground for a fight between a zombie officer along with his battalion and a squad of modern-day soldiers. 

15. Marianne 

This horror streaming television series focuses on a young horror novelist who realizes that her characters are present in the real world.  

16. Diablero 

Based on Francisco Haghenbeck’s book El Diablo Me Obligó, this gripping show centres on a priest who seeks help from a superhero and a demon hunter to unleash the events that could decide the fate of humanity. 

17. Tokyo Ghoul 

This anime television miniseries revolves around a student who becomes a fugitive after being attacked by a ghoul. 

Looks like your Halloween binge-watch list is ready!