There are heroes, and then there is Vidyut Jammwal. Yes, Jammwal is not your average Indian hero. In fact, I can say with the kind of confidence with which news anchors incorrectly decode millennial slangs, that nothing about Vidyut Jammwal is average. 

Bollywood Hungama

He isn’t just one of Bollywood’s leading action star, but also a champion of martial arts, specifically Kalaripayattu, which he has been learning since he was three – the same age at which I failed at potty training. 

However, it’s not just what Jammwal achieved as a kid. But also what he continued to do as an adult that has me convinced, yeh toh purush hi nahi hain… mahapurush hain, mahapurush. 

In fact, I have enough evidence to prove that Vidyut Jammwal, who holds a place in the list of world’s top 6 martial artists, is not like everyone else. Here’s proof: 

1. While the average person carries the weight of old relationships and mysterious back pains, Jammwal carries a man weighing 87 kg on top of him. 

In Jammwal’s word, it’s each one, lift one. 

2. Now, some people (not me Mumma, sachi), may have discovered 101 uses of cigarettes and lighters. But, unless you’re Vidyut Jammwal, you’ve never used a cigarette bud to cut a lemon now, have you?

And no, I am not making this up: 

3. Also, even Bob the Builder would not have used the tools that Vidyut Jammwal uses to break bricks. 

Even bare hands are for mere mortals. He holds an egg and then uses that hand – the bricks break, the egg does not!

4. Just like how most people look at cylinders as a way to light up the gas for food. And then, Jammwal looks at it and thinks, “Let’s swing it!”. 

5. Can someone please tell what brand is Vidyut drinking leaning on? Because my bottles never give me this support. 

6. Growing up, I thought the only time you use more than one paani ki baalti, is when paani bhar ke rakhna hai. Clearly, Vidyut and I are not on the same page. *Sigh*

7. Also, while I slip on dry surfaces, Jammwal casually nails a plank on a waterfall because well, by now you know – he is superhuman! 

8. I think these examples of extreme balance are getting personal now. I mean he hangs in the air, I trip over air aka nothing – we’re not the same bro!

9. Okay, when I have to sleep, I move around so much to get the right position that my Fitbit records it as strenuous activity. And then, we have Vidyut ‘sleeping’ like this. 

10. Vidyut Jammwal even has better workout buddies than most of us. 

You know everything else is okay. But this, this right here hurt – I’ll never be as interesting to my dog! I mean I’m still apologizing for not having made a comic strip for him like Kenny Sebastian did. 

11. It’s not a bird, a plane, or even Superman! It’s our very own action hero, Vidyut Jammwal. And boy, can he climb.

When it comes to him, there truly is no mountain high enough, river wide enough, or challenge difficult enough that he can’t ace it! 

What a star! I’m finally inspired to take out my sports shoes and keep them well out, because if you can’t be like Vidyut, what’s the point of even trying?