It’s common knowledge that India’s A-list actors get paid massive amounts for the movies they do. How else can they afford their G-Wagons and sea-facing Bandra mansions? But when it comes to the people on the other end of the spectrum, the folks in B-grade films, the pay is a whole different ballgame.    

According to Matinee Box, the money that actors in B-grade movies and TV make can range from Rs 10,000 per project to even Rs 2-3 lakhs per movie. It depends on how big the ‘star’ is.

Someone like Uttam Kumar could make over a lakh per film, but that was mostly due to the success of his breakout film Dhakar Chhora, which made Rs 8.5 crore on a budget of Rs 4.5 lakhs.


Meanwhile, OTT platforms pay between Rs 5000-10,000 to the lead actors per film/show depending on the number of shoot days.

When she started out, Shakeela would make around Rs 10,000 for an entire film, but she managed to make it big, even being offered starring roles in Bollywood blockbusters later in life.


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OTT platforms that air B-grade serials pay the lead actors up to Rs 15,000, Rs 5000-6000 for supporting actors and the side actors make a maximum of Rs 1500 per show.

However, these actors are also provided with food and lodging during the shoot, as well as continuing contracts which guarantee more work.


So there you go – while there isn’t an exact amount on what B-grade actors make in India, this should give you an idea into a lesser seen part of our entertainment industry.

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