Even before we got acclimatized to the viral world of social media, a man called Hunter Moore became an Internet sensation. Netflix’s three-part docuseries is about The Most Hated Man on the Internet. It’s about Hunter Moore and his sickening website, isanyoneup.com. 


Calling himself a ‘Professional Life Ruiner,’ which he was, Hunter Moore created a baleful site called Is Anyone Up. The website that went viral overnight was basically about revenge porn. Anybody could submit nude pictures of a person — without their consent — anonymously and they’d be published online.

By default, most of the photos belonged to women whose nude photos were submitted maliciously by their former partners. Many of the images on the site were also obtained illegally through hacking. Not just that, the site also provided social media profiles of the individual alongside their photos. 

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Born and brought up in California, Hunter Moore became an internet celebrity because of his explicit website. He had a massive fan following from people willing to go up to bizarre extents to get attention from him.  

Moore was also unabashedly unapologetic about being a bully. He often also shared individual photos of women and men on his site and invited the masses to humiliate and destroy them by way of commenting. 

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The daughter of a woman named Charlotte Laws became a victim of this all-consuming humiliation after her email account got hacked and her nude pictures were published on Moore’s site. The doting mother made sure that her daughter’s explicit photos were removed. 

Laws’ didn’t stop there but became the face of the victims fighting Moore’s bullying. She researched, talked to several other victims, and played an instrumental role in making sure the FBI investigated Moore. She ensured that the bully served his time in jail. 

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Hunter Moore is out of jail now. Apparently, he wants to ‘Make The Internet Great Again.’ In 2018, he even released a book called Is Anyone Up? Although the guy keeps himself low-key, he apparently has a social media profile on Twitter that recently got suspended as well.

The Netflix docuseries is chilling to the core with victims, officials, Moore’s girlfriend and Charlotte Laws talking about Moore and how he finally landed in jail.