Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead 

Netflix just released one of its most anticipated horror flicks Ghost Stories. While the trailer saw some renowned faces like Jahnvi Kapoor and Shobhita Dhulipala, it was the labour of the genius four –  Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee whose work we were eager to watch. 

So, yeah! I did start my New Year by watching the horror anthology. Like any normal person who’s shit scared of horror movies, I had to gather a lot of courage before pressing that play button. The scary parts of the movie started with the spine-chilling introductory animation which was brilliantly made. 

But as I went ahead and finished the entire movie, I was taken aback and was confused at the same time. I mean, there were some plots that were so twisted that I had to rewatch it and I still didn’t get it. So, help a buddy out and answer my questions? Anyone? 

Zoya Akhtar

How was the nurse able to see the patient and physically touch her even though she was dead the entire time? 

I get that there were instances of the old patient dragging herself on the floor and the nurse finding her dead body three days after living with her. But how the hell can the nurse bathe the patient, comb her hair and change her urine bags? What the hell? 

Anurag Kashyap 

Did the kid in the movie know black magic at all? 

We saw the kid’s mausi go through serious health troubles because of his creepy drawings. So, were all those stomach aches and pregnancy problems because the kid was causing it? Or was it just a very bizzare coincidence? 

Did the woman actually eat her fetus or was it just miscarriage? 

So, I know the scene where the mausi eating small chunks of flesh was pure imagination. BUT, when the kid came in the room, he too saw her eating it in the goriest manner. So, was she? 

We did see that she imagined herself as a crow numerous times which could be because of the childhood trauma. But wasn’t it weird that she also was seen eating her fetus while turning into a crow?

Was the scene–where the woman’s husband ‘tries to drown’ her daughter–only her imagination? 

Dibakar Banerjee 

Were there any man-eaters at all? Or was the guy imagining everything the entire time? 

Before the story ended and when the guy was stuck in the ditch, all the man-eaters suddenly vanished and he just ended up meeting some very normal people? What sorcery was that? 

The entire story also revolved around the only two kids surviving in the small town. So, were they too a part of that entire imaginary world? 

Karan Johar

How were the family members able to see the granny and the bride couldn’t?

We did, in the end, learn that every person who was killed in the story could see granny. But how were the family members able to see her even though they were alive? 

How did the groom’s obsession with his granny never come up before marriage?         

It was established that the two dated for four months before marriage and the guy showed his weirdness when he kept saying, ‘granny se puchna padega’. Still, how come the girl never found his weirdness creepy in all this time? 

Can somebody please explain everything to me? Thanks much.

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