When it comes to reality TV shows, we all get glued to our screens. The entertainment factor is really high. And part of that entertainment is the fair share of controversies that come along with it.

So, just for a good laugh, here are the most iconic and controversial moments from our most loved reality TV shows! Take a scroll. 

1. When Pooja’s behaviour was out of line.

Remember the fight between Pooja Missra and Shonali Nagrani on Bigg Boss? And then the enormous amounts of memes that came from it? Yep, we bet you do. 

2. When Himmesh Reshammiya decided to play Bruce Almighty.

In an episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Himmesh Reshammiya got very excited about his promises to a contestant on the show. He even began fighting with Vishal Dadlani in the efforts of doing that!


3. Dolly and Shweta on Bigg Boss.

When on this Bigg Boss episode Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari got into an argument over who will do which house chore, and it took an ugly turn where they began taking digs at each others lives. 

4. The infinity slap on Dadagiri.

This one episode on Bindass TV’s Dadagiri, where the host got slapped in return


5. When Annu Kapoor went just a leetul bit crazy on screen.

I bet even today, no one knows why he got so hyper over the boy’s performance. It couldn’t have only been that he sang a patriotic song and that Annu Kapoor loves his country?

6. When KRK threw a bottle at Rohit Verma.

During Bigg Boss 3, KRK got into a fight with designer Rohit Verma and decided to throw a bottle at him, except the bottle ended up hitting Shamita Shetty. And that resulted in the end of KRK’s journey in the Bigg Boss house. 

7. When Dolly Bindra broke into the ‘Baap pe matt jaana’ comeback. 

This moment was another internet sensation. On Bigg Boss 4, Dolly Bindra and Delhi MLA, Manoj Tiwari got into a verbal spat where she ended up repetitively shouting ‘Baap pe matt jaana.’


8. When Swami Om threw urine on other contestants.

He threw pee on other contestants during a task, out of which one was Bani J. And yes, he was kicked out of the house after that. 

9. When Armaan Kohli and Sofia Hayat fought.

In Bigg Boss’s season 7, Sofia Hayat filed an FIR against Armaan Kohli and he ended up going to jail for his behavior. 

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10. When Mandana and Rochelle fought over Keith. 

The two always fought over Keith Sequeira. And I bet everyone remembers the instance when Mandana refused to move the bed so that Rochelle could be closer to her boyfriend. 


Do you remember these moments?