One of the biggest its of 2016, Deadpool managed to do what no other mainstream superhero movie had done earlier i.e. gotten an ‘R’ rating. 

And to be honest, with the kind of blood, gore and language used in the movie, an ‘R’ rating was definitely in order. 


And back home, Sooraj Barjatya has been making some very sweet wedding videos (read: movies) for almost 30 years now.


Hence, we wondered what treatment would Barjatya have given to Deadpool had he been on the director’s chair.


Because as you’ve stated multiple times in the comments section, we’re jobless and have nothing better to do.

So yeah, let’s get started.

1. Deadpool’s real name wouldn’t have been Wade Wilson.

He’d have been called Prem Wilson and would’ve of course been played by Salman Khan.

Which only makes sense considering Mohnish Bahl would’ve played Ajax (a.k.a the bad guy).

2. Deadpool would’ve stayed away from guns and knives. 

No guns and knives. Barjatya’s Deadpool would’ve used super sanskaari means to finish off his enemies.

Like strangling them with a gende ke phool ki maala.

Or beating them black and blue with his jija ji’s kolhapuri chappals.

3. Remember that badass, blind old woman who was Deadpool’s roommate?

Yeah, in Barjatya’s version, she’d have been played by Reema Lagoo. 

Of course she wouldn’t have been just his roommate but a motherly figure who’d have taken care of him like her own child. 

And would’ve also spent a substantial amount of her time trying to find a suitable (read: gharelu + sanskaari max) girl for Deadpool.

4. Wade Wilson would’ve never been able to become Deadpool.

Because the moment he would’ve been diagnosed with cancer, his entire extended family would’ve come to take care of him.

Including, but not restricted to, mama and mami…

Rajshri Telugu

Chacha ji…

Rajshri Telugu

Tau ji…

Rajshri Telugu

And some close family friends.

Rajshri Telugu

Yeah, all the best letting Ajax do all those weird experiments on you amidst that crowd, Deadpool.

20th Century Fox

5. Deadpool definitely wouldn’t have killed Ajax in the end.

Because Colossus, that’d have been aptly played by Shri Shri Alok Nath, would’ve instilled some sanskaari sense into Deadpool.

Needless to say, Deadpool and Ajax would’ve immediately become brothers after that sanskaari intervention.

If you guys haven’t started filming Deadpool 2, Sooraj Barjatya might still be available. Soch lo!