The not-so-fun fact about red flags is that you spot them in the beginning, you know it sucks, but you’re so much in love that you ignore them! Until the time comes when….

Well, if loving someone feels like a task to you, then maybe it’s time you have that difficult conversation and walk away. As 2022 ends, we thought of pointing out some red flags that will help understand the toxic traits of your partner.

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1. If he sent you one of those Amber Heard ‘bee’ memes.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s case became a public fair. But the way the world treats victims of domestic violence proves how deep-rooted our gender bias is. No matter what the verdict of the case was, she didn’t deserve to be a part of those crappy trolls and humiliation. It’s time we release that not everything is a meme template.

red flag

2. If he made support Johnny Depp posters and memes despite knowing he’s an accused rapist.

While Amber was the target of online harassment and public character assassination, there were hashtags in support of Johnny Depp. Even though the violence was perpetuated from both sides, the entitled vultures on the internet targeted Amber more. Their trial was deeply misogynistic and led to gender-based harassment on social media.

red flag

3. If he supported Cristiano Ronaldo despite knowing his history of sexual offenses.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been reportedly accused of rape and sexual assault twice. And we hope that’s enough of a red flag for you.

red flag

4. If he blamed Uorfi Javed for destroying the youth.

If you ask me, Uorfi Javed is a budding actress who is known for her creative outfit choices. She has been gracing the pages of publications for her bold and out-of-the-box fashion choices. Now, this has irked our painfully opinionated society, and they are slandering her with vulgar comments. Recently, Chetan Bhagat blamed Uorfi for distracting the youth. Well, if you see the comments on her post, it looks like our youth needs to learn how to respect a woman.

5. If he thought the “women” meme was funny.

For the uninitiated, it is a meme template where two guys sip a cup of coffee and say, women. Yeah, that’s all. You’ll have to rub your eyes to see what’s funny about that. There are many memes around this template going viral and they are nothing but sexist.

red flag

6. If he labelled Sushmita Sen as a gold digger for her alleged relationship with Lalit Modi.

We know how society has a problem with women who are fearless and make their own choices. The classic example of the Sushmita and Lalit Modi story broke the internet with sexist memes. And the entitled pricks on the internet made content out of it.

red flag

7. If he passed derogatory terms in the name of love. Yeah like Ranbir does for Alia.

Ranbir compared Alia with daal-chawal, to suggest that he likes this stability in life. In a society where women are objectified this only exacerbates the matter. Not once- Ranbir also made a very inconsiderate remark during Alia’s pregnancy.

These examples highlight some of the most toxic traits in your partners. Take notes!

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