Since childhood, most of us have been sold the IIT dream by our parents. No matter which stream we end up choosing, even we admire the charm associated with IITs. This charm adds to the curiosity to know about it. To aid that curiosity, here are some IITians sharing facts about IITs that only IITians know.

1. The average starting salary package is not 30-40 lakhs per annum, it’s much much lower. 

I passed out in 2005 from IIT Delhi, and while there were students placed at 50 lakhs package, do you know what the average salary was? 4 lakhs only! Now after 10 years, the average of the starting salaries might have come up to 8–9 lakhs or so.

2. Not even one-third of IITians work in their own engineering field. They prefer going into finance, consulting, software, business (in non-technical fields) and many other career options. Those who are really serious about their technical field, they generally go to the US to do an MS or a PhD.


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3. In extracurricular we can give a run-for-money to any institute in the entire country. 

4. Some of the students are better singers, instrumentalists, dancers, players, actors, data analysts, managers, consultants, and finance freaks than trained professionals.


5. Connections with seniors and officials matter a lot along with CV in internships.

6. A very few of us are interested in research or hardcore technology stuffs. Most of us believe that research sector doesn’t pay well. 

7. Every semester, the dean organizes a high tea session at her/his residence where the entire batch is invited.

8. Classrooms are open 24/7. You can study there when the library is full. 

9. Professors are so boring here that we sleep in most of the classes.

10. Many students don’t attend class. Those who do most of the time they sleep.

11. Sleeping at 2 A.M is considered to be sleeping early at night.

12. Yes, the atmosphere in an IIT is really competitive. But it’s not ‘lets-pull-him-down’ competitive. If you are Federer in something, there will come many Nadals and Djokovics.

13. We have to face a lot more competition after coming to IIT than we faced for getting here because everyone here is the topper of their school.

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