Ever wondered how animation always seemed so fluid and realistic back in the day when CG wasn’t a big thing? Yes, they were hand drawn, but there was a lot more going on behind the scenes that you might not have been particularly aware of.

Here are 15 photos that show how Disney used real people to frame its animation.

1. Kathryn Beamount as Alice

2. She started working with Disney animation studios when she was 13.

3. She voiced Alice.

4. And, also voiced Wendy from Peter Pan.

5. Of course, apart from playing the live action model.

6. Here’s how animators do it.

7. Helene Stanley as Sleeping Beauty and Ed Kemmer as Prince Philip.

8.  Helene Stanley as Cinderella and Claire Du Brey as her Fairy Godmother. 

9. Sherri Stone played Ariel’s live model. 

10. She also played Belle for Beauty and the Beast.

11. Helene Stanley as Cinderella. 

12. Ed Wynn as The Mad Hatter. 

13.  Kathryn Beaumont as Wendy and Roland Dupree as Peter Pan. 

14. Margie Champion as Snow White

15. Margaret Kerry playing Tinkerbell.

And, that’s how it was done. No computers, only a ton of hard work!

Masthead Source: geekdad.com, Feature Image Source: dorkly.com