If you’re a long standing fan of Tamasha, then like most fans, you probably want to know the details that went into making the film. So, here’s one little fact that Imtiaz Ali himself has revealed about it.

Times Of India

A YouTube user’s viral comment about a song from Tamasha (Agar Tum Saath Ho), soon turned into meme-worthy content as people claimed that the person was simply over-thinking it. The comment was made by an account called Blurred Binoculars and was about how Deepika Padukone was wearing red in the song representing the human emotions, whereas Ranbir Kapoor was wearing a neutral colour representing our logical side. 


And apparently, the person was not over-thinking the visual work in the song at all! The analysis was totally on point and Imtiaz Ali himself replied confirming the whole theory. How cool is that? Maybe Blurred Binoculars should come out with more interesting theories like these. 


Please also tell me why I always pick the same blue coloured jeans to wear everywhere?