There is no doubt that this nerve-wracking series made a home in our hearts instantly as soon as it first hit our television screens in 2017. With a nail-biting storyline and brilliant characters, we are forever indebted to the franchise. 

To relive their journey once again, here’s how the cast looked then, vs how they look now.

1. Sergio Marquina AKA The Professor

2. Raquel Murillo AKA Lisbon

3. Silene Oliveira AKA Tokyo

4. Andrés De Fonollosa AKA Berlin

5. Mirko Dragic AKA Helsinki

6. Agustín Ramos AKA Moscow

7. Ágata Jiménez AKA Nairobi

8. Aníbal Cortés AKA Rio

9. Daniel Ramos AKA Denver

10. Mónica Gaztambide AKA Stockholm

11. Martín Berrote AKA Palermo

12. Arturo Román

13. César Gandía

14. Alicia Sierra

15. Bogotá

Design Credits: Sawan Kumari

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