One of the biggest signs of progress is seeing women gain success in male dominated industries and professions. When we start seeing women thriving in industries such as finance, tech, aviation etc, that’s when we know we’re actually getting somewhere with gender equality. And it seems we’ve entered an era such as this, because apparently, India has been revealed to have the highest percentage of women pilots in the world.

Women, Pilots
Credit: Business Insider India

When we start reaching equality in terms of employment and remuneration, that’s when women can live a totally sovereign life. Which is why the fact that Indian women are gaining better footing in the aviation industry is quite the reason to celebrate.

According to Kathy McCullough, communications chairwoman for ISWAP, Indian companies have upped their employment of women as airline pilots. IndiGo, Spice Jet and Air India are currently at the top for the number of women they’ve hired. In fact, Indian airlines are responsible for hiring 12.4% of female pilots across the world. How cool is that!

The pay gap is still quite wide though, and a lot goes in to the education and training of commercial pilots. So there is still some work to do. But hopefully we’ll get there soon.