Some Bollywood stars have really strange opinions on things that make us want to sit down with them and have a one-to-one chat about what is (or was) going on in their heads. Here are a few of them.

1. Juhi Chawla is against 5G, to the point that she filed a case in court. 

2. Pooja Bedi is against Covid vaccinations, and thinks they are “sinister and illogical”.

3. Kangana Ranaut has a problem with the word ‘India’ and thinks it should be renamed to ‘Bharat’.

The Economic Times

4. Sonam Kapoor thinks it’s her ‘karma’ that she is born into a family of successful actors.

5. Akshay Kumar thinks his job is “more dangerous than any other job”.

Bombay Mirror

6. Whereas Saif Ali Khan thinks the job of an actor is comparable to that of doctors.

7. Rakhi Sawant once said that ceiling fans should be banned because they lead to suicide.


What in the world?!