Many celebrities have been jetting off to the Maldives for a holiday and are sharing their ‘vacay’ pictures. 

And, this is not sitting well with everyone, including celebrities since the country is going through the worst phase of COVID in the world right now and there is a lack of oxygen cylinders, vaccines, ICU beds, ventilators etc.

These celebrities have called out other celebrities for posting pictures from their holiday amid the ongoing pandemic. 

1. Amit Sadh 

Amit Sadh called out celebrities for ‘rubbing privilege’ with their vacation pictures amid the Covid-19 crisis in India. He also stated that this is the time to be sensitive about the current situation. 

2. Shruti Haasan 

Shruti Haasan also reacted to celebrities’ vacation pictures and called them out for throwing privileges in people’s faces. She said: 

It has been a tough time for everyone and for some people much more. I think gratitude and being thankful for privileges is what is most important to know versus throwing your privileges in people’s faces.

3. Nikhil Trivedi

Nikhil Trivedi slammed Bollywood stars for posting holiday pictures on social media at a time when our country is dealing with a health crisis. Here’s what he had to say:

4. Rohini Iyer

Rohini Iyer criticised celebrities and influencers for sharing holiday pictures from exotic locations amid the ongoing pandemic. In an Instagram post, she said:

It’s a bloody pandemic all over. So don’t be an insensitive idiot and post pictures of your privileged life. Or stay quiet in your holiday home.. masked up. No photos. This is not Fashion Week or Kingfisher calendar time!

5. Shobha De

Shobha De reposted Rohini Iyer’s Instagram post and slammed celebrities for being insensitive in these tough times. She also urged celebrities to keep it ‘private’ even if they are going on a holiday. She said

It is the height of vulgarity to flaunt those ridiculous pictures. Enjoy the Maldives by all means. You are blessed if you can get such a break in these bleak times. But do everyone a favour, keep it private.

6. Nawazuddin Siddiqui 

Nawazuddin also lashed out at other celebrities for posting holiday pictures amid the ongoing pandemic. During an interview he said:

These entertainment celebrities posting vacation pictures at a time when the world is reeling under the worst recession. Logon ke pass khana nahin hai aur aap paise phenk rahe ho. Kuch toh sharm karo. Perhaps going on holiday is not so wrong as showing off about it? What else will they talk about? Acting? They will run out of steam in two minutes. In logon ne Maldives ko tamasaha bana rakha hai. I don’t know what their arrangement is with the tourism industry. But for the sake of humanity, please keep these vacations to yourself. There is suffering everywhere. The cases of Covid are multiplying. Have a heart. Please don’t taunt those who are suffering.

Dear celebs, it’s okay to go on a holiday but, keep it to yourself. Please!