Recently, social media celebrity Shubham Mishra publically issued a rape threat to a female comedian, Agrima Joshua because he was offended by a few jokes in her stand-up video. 

Trigger Warning: Abusive content (rape, sexism, racism) 

Agrima Joshua had already issued a public apology after an MLA threatened to file an FIR against her, when the vulgar video by Shubham Mishra was posted. 

The Indian comedy circuit is standing in solidarity with comedian Agrima Joshua and speaking up against the horrid threats in this video while demanding for actions to be taken: 

1. SahilShah 

Sahil Shah canceled the release of his new stand-up in solidarity of the comedy circuit is being under attack. 

What happened right now with Agrima is just shocking. It has shown a vile side of society that we should all be really ashamed of. I’m sorry as a comedian and also as a fellow human that she had to go through this. 
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Too much happening right now and I just felt that I had to say this. What happened right now with Agrima is just shocking. It has shown a vile side of society that we should all be really ashamed of. I’m sorry as a comedian and also as a fellow human that she had to go through this (but sadly she’s not the first female comedian to have such threats and she won’t be the last). There will always be a section of society that doesn’t agree with us and I can totally understand that. Everyone has an opinion. But when these opinions get severe that’s when we need to come together, not only as a community but as a society as well. The audience and artists need to hold hands and show the world that together we are way more powerful than ANY hate thrown at us. Let’s destroy the hate with love and replace the anger with smiles 🙂 Peace.

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2. Sumukhi Suresh 

Sumukhi Suresh reminded the public about the basic dos and don’ts of a civilized society. 

It is disturbing to see all the hate that women are getting is about ruining her body by f**king us from all sides. You DO NOT have a right over anyone’s body to do so. 
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A basic right.

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3. Gaurav Kapoor 

Gaurav Kapoor pushed his show promotional video and took to social media to stand in solidarity:  

Woh video banata hai aur poora clear rape threat deta hai ek ladki ko ki main tere saath kya  kya karronga. It’s gruesome, maine jabse woh dekha hai na, mera mod poora f**k ho chuka hai. Is tarike ka rape threat and everybody is appreciating neeche post pe. 

4. Azeem Banatwalla

Everytime people in this country are offended by jokes, it is not a due process situation. It’s not a situation of ,”ok we’re going to file a complaint to the police and let the cops do their job”, no, this is gangs of well-orchestrated people who come together in large groups and basically try to strike fear into you. When aq comic apologies, it’s not because they want to apologize,  it’s because there’s somebody standing on their head, threatening.  

5. Vir Das 

I feel Indian comedians have gotten it all wrong. Why are we waiting for people to ask us for apologies? That’s wrong. We should be offering apologies, every day, in advance. Every morning without fail. 

6. Rahul Subramanian 

The fact that there are people in the comments praising what was said is just heartbreaking. 

7. Mallika Dua 

Openly threatened to rape and murder comedian Agrima Joshua and her mother. In graphic detail. All in the name of “protecting” Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s legacy it seems. She’s a comedian. She said what she read on Quora. 

8. Abish Mathew 

All I’m asking is, if people can be united under a misguided sense, then all of us can be united in empathy.

9. Rohan Joshi 

You can tell us to be brave and that you are with us, but you won’t be there when the mob comes, you won’t see the financial and psychological cost of having your bank account zero from legal or security fees. 

10. Sapan Verma 

Sapan Verma pointed out some basic civilized ways to deal with an opinion you don’t agree with:  

11. Nishant Suri

Main bas itna bolna chahoonga aapko ki agli baar aapko kisi joke pe aisa offended lage toh thoda introspect karo. 

12. Abhishek Upmanyu 

Even if some didn’t speak up, they reposted one another’s posts, stories, videos or tweets to extend their support and stand in solidarity against this incident of hooliganism. 

The entire comedy circuit standing together in solidarity against this incident of hooliganism is truly empowering.