We’ve all enjoyed reading stories about our favourite fairytales during our childhood. Be it Cinderella, The Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White, we’ve read them all. 

But, what if I told you there is someone out there who is turning our favourite fairytales into rap music? 


Well, there’s a YouTube channel called Toffee Cable that is converting stories of our favourite classic fairytales into awesome rap music. 

Jay Visvanath is the artist behind the rap music and there are about 7 videos on the channel that are all based on different fairytales. 

And, surprisingly it’s quite catchy and groovy. Listen to this rap music on Cinderella’s story. 

Jay has transformed stories of 3 Little Piggies, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Snow White, Rapunzel and many more into upbeat rap music and we bet you’ll like it too. 

Apart from making rap music, Jay works in radio and enjoys playing ultimate frisbee. He also travels for tournaments around the country.

For him, Toffee Cable, started as an experiment as he wanted to learn how YouTube worked. 

But, ultimately it became a creative outlet for him and he doesn’t want to stop making rap music anytime soon. He says, he was scared to experiment earlier but now, he can’t wait to create more. 

I chose fairytales so that I’d always have subject matter to work with, and I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen before.

Here’s another rap avatar of the Little Red Riding Hood. 

Wow! This is such a unique way of learning about these classic fairytales and I wish someone came out with this concept when I was a child. But, who says I can’t re-visit my childhood?

Check out this fairytale rap on Snow White. 

This can also be quite an interesting way of telling stories of our favourite fairytales to the younger generation, right? 

Very interesting!

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