If you’re on Twitter, it’s quite likely that you have come across at least one tweet from Sakshii Shivdasani. She is funny, she is relatable and she is slowly becoming the internet’s favourite. 

Sakshii makes hilarious videos on topics all desis are aware of. For instance, the “acche ghar ke ladkiyan raise nahin karti” trope.

Or that pending Goa plan that never gets materialised because someone bails out after showing full enthusiasm. 

Sakshii has a knack of noticing small things, like the nervousness you feel after sending a risky text.

And telling your best friend a ‘secret’ that was supposed to stay between you and the person who shared it. Because, well…

Sakshii gets trolled a lot for her voice as many people say that it’s annoying. But guess what, this doesn’t affect her. She has embraced it and says, “One day imma voice a cartoon character and millions of people will find my voice annoying instead of thousands”.

It doesn’t matter anyway. She is cool and she knows it. 

Sakshii earlier featured in the show Supermodel of the Year 2019, where she was had a controversial run.

But for now, she is ruling the internet with her posts and we love her for that.

Thanks for the laughs, Sakshii.