Films are about characters and stories, but they’re also about setting, and how places are associated with emotion. They manage to make us fall in love with these cities and spots, that we’ve never even been to. That’s the thing about fiction – it mends the distance that exists. 

And this Instagram account that goes by the name, Capture Bollywood – does that, quite literally. It captures the essence of Bollywood with spots that define those films. 

These shots are like a time capsule that revives old movies and scenes. 

It’s like embracing the beauty of a scene, more than we did while watching it in our favourite movies.

Or flashbulb memories of shots that we can’t really get over.

The Instagram page has 15.9k followers (at the time of writing this article). With captions that are dialogues from the films, this account is a perfect glimpse into moments that are worth reminicsing. 


However, the brilliance of these pictures is in the perfect juxtaposition – which manages to capture the beauty of the scene. For instance, this scene from Mubarakan.

And it even has shots from songs in the movies – after all, what’s a better way to capture Bollywood?

Because, some moments are too iconic to forget.

It’s an ode to Hindi cinema and the relevance of setting in movies.