Shah Rukh Khan, the king of romance, is known for his warm-hearted gestures and iconic movies. From romancing in the midst of snow-clad mountains to dancing in the daylight on a busy street, the actor has been stealing our hearts for three long decades.

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Being an old-school romantic, I have fallen in love with each of his characters and there are several others like me. However, a social media user has pointed out some flaws in the plotline of his movies and we are quite shook.


The user, who goes by the username @lamistaah, shared a one-liner summary of his movies. The post was originally posted by @philmyyy last year.

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Let’s check the plotlines, shall we?

While some people had a great laugh, others shared their own versions of his other movies. 

You can check the entire post and comments here:

SRK, we still love you!

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