No matter where you go, one of the hardest things to find is someone with the same taste in music as yours. In fact, by the time you get out of school, the music you listen to pretty much becomes an extension of your personality, especially if it’s international music.

Here are a couple of things you can probably relate to if you are a fan of international music –

1. You roll your eyes at people who claim they love Rock & Roll but only know one song by each of their favorite bands. Posers!

2. You take great pride in the fact that you haven’t heard a single song from the Billboard Top 10.

3. It’s almost impossible to find a radio channel you like as you only respect the ones that play new and exciting International tunes.

4. You love to show everyone your ever growing collection of music and you subconsciously judge people who only listen to the current chart-toppers.

5. Half your room is only occupied by stacks of music magazines and posters that you have collected over the years, and you’re still subscribing to more.

6. Even though you’ll never admit it to anyone, you consider yourself a bit of an elitist in terms of taste in music.

7. You get obsessed with your favorite band or DJ and looking up their entire life history to the point where it gets creepy is an almost daily routine.

8. You force your friends to listen to your latest find and get way too excited even if they’re bored out of their skulls.

9. You feel no shame in literally begging your friends and relatives abroad to get you the latest band merchandise the next time they visit.

10. You buy tickets months in advance for every concert whether it’s Snoop Dogg or Iron Maiden.

It’s hard being the only one listening to something different, but that’s the only way to find the people who actually listen to your own kind of music, so stick to it!

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